Comfort Cushion Long

Each Corn Comfort Cushion Long is made on our farm in Oregon.  For years of heating and comfort, using  a microwave, this handmade all cotton fabric pad is filled with organic corn kernals.  The farmer says "Why go to the drug store and pay 15-20 dollars and buy a chemical heat pad that doesn't last."  He  has used the same one for 18 years. People who drive or fly anything and anywhere, slip one behind the small of their back, instantly feel relief from the neck and back with the hot massaging effect of this friendly companion. Call for discount shipping on multiple pads.

This will become your favorite friend and companion.  Heating for 2-4 minutes or so in a microwave will give hours of moist clean heat for sore muscles, ear aches, migraine headaches, cold feet, tension, and baby chicks and old dogs.   Place it behind your back when you drive; under your chilled feet; on the back of your neck to relieve tension, or anywhere you need warm healing relief. It is wonderful under the covers in your bed where it stays warm for most of the night. What a comfort for all the humans and animals friends we love. A few hours in your freezer or a few minutes in your microwave will give hours of relief. Thank you for ordering this Corn Comfort Cushion Long from us as it is hand crafted with love.

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