About Us

The Oregon Holly Family
Fresh Holiday Decorators (formerly known as The Oregon Holly family farm) has been in operation since 1942 in the Pacific Northwest where English Holly grows even more luxuriant than in England where it was first developed. Whether draped over mantels, dotted across landscapes or worked into wreaths, nothing reminds us of winter holidays more than holly.

Our farm does not use pesticides or herbicides and each tree receives individual attention and a natural fertilizer. Guess what it is?

Our choice holly is cut to order. Each order is shipped fresh daily after cutting and assembly. The gift boxes are then carefully packed to capacity with graded selections taking special attention to your instructions - those extra little touches that will make a gift from you and Oregon Holly a treat long remembered. Bundles and boxes of sprigs are packed with fresh greens and cones for bouquets and festive decoration. Oregon Holly will accommodate special orders or multiple addresses upon request. We supply the most elegant holly available.

Our customers have requested new designs for other holidays, such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. We have found the finest Oregon flowers to embellish these new fragrant and award winning wreaths, garlands, and bouquets. Look for our new items to come.

For further information or help, please contact us at the following:
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Fresh Holiday Decorators
32934 Pittsburg Road
St. Helens, OR 97051
Phone: 503-397-3547
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